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Proud of the TASTE and QUALITY within Mexico

we created this FORUM to recognize and further promote the opportunity to experience the zeal, beauty, creativity and above all the benefits of what MADE IN MEXICO or by MEXICANS stands for.

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June 1st 2019








Festival (know more)

The Mexico Gourmet Festival is a one-night tribute to Mexican gastronomy, traditions, and art, offering guests the chance to sample the cuisine and products from some of the most prominent chefs, restaurants, artists and vendors on both sides of the border while experiencing the sights and sounds of Mexico.

Where? (know more)

Embarcadero Marina Park, San Diego, Ca from 5 to 8 pm

Who? (know more)

Our culinary lineup will offer a mixture with the flavor of legends, giving you access to some of the most celebrated chefs including Martin SanRoman